Elliott Hulse: “Tender Aggression”

Elliott Hulse Barbend Interview

I had a chat with Barbend about topics inside and way outside the “box”. It was everything from training tips to gender politics. In this blog I give a quick recap of what stuck with me the most during the conversation.

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The very first thing I shared was with regards to the biggest difference in my approach to getting people stronger. I pointed out that I take a holistic approach to helping my clients grow stronger physically. It is all about assessing first, especially the capacity of the nervous system. For example the first vertebrae of your spine, the Atlas, can cause many different misalignments in your body. If you are not assessing, you are guessing.

Also I talked about my story with Active Meditation and Bioenergetics back then when I was a depressed young man living in Long Island. It changed my life completely and because of this tremendous positive influence on my life I started doing “Grounding Camp” where I teach all of what I learned.

Moving forward I made clear that I am still a strength coach but a holistic one. All the “crazy” “out there” things with regards to the nervous system, breathing and meditation that I share will all aid you a lot in becoming stronger physically.

Afterwards I also revealed how it came to be that I began answering “questions of growing stronger in life” out of my original “how to grow stronger in the gym” context.

I finished with answering a question that brought me right into the big picture view that I always love to share: How true masculinity really is a combination of having what I call “tender aggression”. And now that unification of opposites, male and female, is happening at an individual and at a collective level so that we all become whole.


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