Tendonitis? (try this)

Often nagging injuries like tendonitis are nothing more than
chronic overuse indicators.

They let us know that we’re doing something wrong, or are
overdoing some particular movement or exercise.

This leads to what I call “muscle viruses”, which ultimately
leads to inflammation, pain and a domino effect of dysfunction
if not dealt with accordingly.

Wrist and elbow “muscle viruses” can lead to tendonitis.

Which sucks because now you have to nurse your body instead
of training and getting stronger.

But there are a series of preventative and rehab exercises that
you can add to your workouts that ensure you’ll never have to
deal with tendonitis… or if you have it, to help you get rid of it.

Here is one that I stole from page 76 of Jedd Johnson’s
Fixing Elbow Pain e book.

As the picture indicates, this is a pretty simple exercise… but it can
be a LIFE SAVER! Especially if you’ve had to cut back on training
due to nagging elbow / wrist pain.

This just one of dozens of prehab and rehab exercises that Jedd
will teach you in his book.

If this seems like something that might help you… then I invite you
to check out his offer at the site below.


Grow Stronger,
Elliott “The Incredible” Hulse

PS – This week I’m just killing time and resting as I get ready for
my big strongman show this weekend.

There is a scientific approach to recovery that I follow to make sure
I’m fully rested and buzzing with energy before any competition.

I’ll teach you more about it later.

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  1. yo elliot! elbow bone/joint pain in triceps exerisces what triceps exericse can i do that wont be pain to me??

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