Thanks To YOU!

Hey, the first thing I have to share is how blessed and excited
I feel to have almost sold out my very first “Mind & Muscle”
workshop ever!

There is only ONE seat left… and I’m sure you’ll grab it
before its completely sold out:

There are about 5 people who showed interest in joining us who
have yet to register… so, register now if you want in!

Words can not describe how amazing I feel to be sharing my
most powerful “strength” methods with you in this newsletter,
in my e books, videos, and now through live workshops.

Only a few months ago I was scared to expose my deepest and
strangest personal development secrets with you for fear of

Now don’t get me wrong… A LOT of people think I’m certified
bat-shit crazy!

But the fact that you continue to open my e mails everyday,
watch my YouTube videos, invest in my resources and attend
my workshops shows me that the “the movement” is in full

Becoming The Strongest Version Of Yourself is hard, hard,
HARD work.

And it requires a special person to embark on this journey.

It requires a person like YOU.

And I’m grateful to have you on our team.

Here is a video I made earlier this week expressing my
gratitude for you and all of the other Strength Geeks who
have supported me and work together to make this a stronger
world to live in.

Grow Stronger,
Elliott “The Incredible” Hulse