The Blood Is On YOUR HANDS!

There is no two ways about it…

If you are to become a self-reliant, super strong badass
who firmly grips the steering wheel of his own life and
takes full responsibility for all results.

You MUST learn to cook.

Since the dawn of mankind we have offered gratitude and
respect for the source of our nourishment.

Primal man created stories and myths that supported his
role in the circle of life.

He understood that in order for him and his people to live,
another animal had to sacrifice it’s life.

He never took for granted his position in the circle of life,
nor did he take for granted the life he was forced to end
so that his could move forward.

Our ancestors believed that as we ingested, digested and
assimilated the meat of an animal sacrifice… the spirit of
that animal lived on in us.

In this way, the animal was re-born in our bodies and it was
our responsibility to pay homage to the animal through a life
well lived.

Beautiful and poetic, huh?

Call their beliefs ignorant and primordial if you wish…

…but the fact is that our ancestors lived WITH nature and
today we live AGAINST it.

And the result of our detachment from the source of life is
evident in the mental, physical and spiritual illnesses that
pervade in our societies.

Most of us today are not nomadic hunters, nor are we farmers
like our grandfathers most likely were.

We never get to see or pay respect to the animals that sacrifice
their lives for us to eat.

Many people think that chicken is the white chunk of meat
they see on their plate.

Little do we know that this chunk of meat was once a living

This is why I say we should at least learn to cook food.

When you cook meat, you see the blood of the sacrifice.

You handle the raw carcass of the animal who died for you.

In this way you gain a sense of gratitude and attachment to
the processes of life.

The meat that you’ve personally cooked with your own hands
not only nourishes your body.

It nourishes your soul.

Grow Stronger,
Elliott Hulse

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Get your hands bloody;)

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