The Holistic Approach To Training & Business: The Strength Camp Way

Every Friday the staff at Strength Camp holds a meeting.

The first half of the meeting is dedicated to “In-reach”.

The second half of the meeting is dedicated to “Out-reach”.

Most businesses and organizations are very good at outreach.  Much of their time and energy is invested in reaching out.

Reaching out to customers.

Reaching out to clients.

Reaching out to leads.

Reaching out to other businesses.

For an organization to grow, they must reach out.

But it is rare for a business or organization to invest time and energy to reaching in.  So, there is a good chance that you’ve never heard of inreach.

If outreach is like daytime; full of activity, full of heat, full of extroversion…

Then inreach is like nighttime; full of stillness, full of coolness, full of introversion.

Inreach is the polar opposite of outreach.  It is as much needed for the success of the individual and organization as nighttime is needed for the succession of day.

Daytime is birthed by nighttime; a daytime can not exist if there is no nighttime.  They are two sides of the same coin.

Outreach is incomplete without inreach.

When we perform inreach and outreach, we honor the ALL aspects of the individual and organization.

This is a holistic approach.

The world is becoming more whole, so businesses of the future must also be effected by this coming together of polarities.

We are no longer satisfied living half-lives.

We are no longer satisfied by living in the old schizoid world, where separation consciousness causes us to live one way in front of others and another way behind closed doors.

Integrity, wholeness and unity are the way of the future, and Strength Camp is at the forefront of this movement.

The application of “Inreach” is very simple and very powerful.

To reach in only requires one thing… stillness.

When all of the activity of the mind and body cease, your energy has no choice but to move inwards.

It is only when we’re still that we can begin to hear the voice our hearts.

Lots of people wonder what I mean by “listening to your heart”.  It is far less mystical than it sounds.  It simply means being still enough that you’re able to shut down the consistent attacks of noise from the outside.

Inside you are sensitive, you are intelligent.  This is where insight comes from.  Insight comes from your inside, your inner intelligence.

But you can’t access insight because your too distracted by the other people talking, the phone ringing, Snapchat, the old conversations in your head.

So, at Strength Camp we begin our Friday meetings with a reaching-in; just 10 minutes of silent meditation.

We take just a few minutes to look in, so we may bring INSIGHT to our meetings.

Just one year ago we had a meeting that began with 10 minutes of inreach.

At the end of the inreach session we began speaking about different types of outreach for Strength Camp to help more people become their strongest selves.

At this meeting  just one year ago, a tremendous insight came.

If Strength Camp is to fulfill it’s mission we need more help.

We would need more coaches to train more clients.

In order to support more coaches and train more clients, we would need more Strength Camps! 

So, we decided to hold a Strength Camp Clinic and Business Seminar last November.  At this event we taught 100 coaches how we train our clients at Strength Camp, so they can take our methods and help their clients.

But most of them did not have any clients.

So on day 2 of the event we held a business seminar.

At the seminar we taught them how we get members and clients, how we organize and structure the gym, how we deal with administration and how to run a successful gym.

Of the 100 participants at the Strength Camp Clinic & Business Seminar 30 of them showed interest in adopting the Strength Camp brand and to become ” Strength Camp Ambassadors” by opening their own Strength Camp Gym and helping their clients grow stronger, the Strength Camp way.

As a Strength Camp Ambassador we agreed to help them get their gyms up and running.

To get them members and clients,

To run their advertising and marketing campaigns,

To help them implement all of our systems,

To give them everything they need to be successful.

The more successful Strength Camp Ambassadors there are, the more people will be growing stronger!

This weekend (April 22nd 2017) we are holding a grand opening for one of our newest Strength Camp Ambassadors a few miles outside of Atlanta Georgia.

If you’ve ever been interested in training with Strength Camp, or if you’ve ever been interested in owning a Strength Camp… then you will want to be at this event.

All of the details you need to join us this weekend are at this website.

If you live in the south-east United States, I hope to meet you there.

But if you live anywhere on Earth, and qualify for our Strength Camp Ambassador program, I hope you’ll consider applying at our Strength Camp International website.

If you’re not sure if you qualify, just read the website and you’ll know right away:

Keep Growing Stronger,
E Hulse

PS – Its crazy to imagine… all this from just 10 minutes of stillness ;)