The Visionboard Podcast Interview with Elliott Hulse


I’ve been interviewed on THE VISION BOARD PODCAST by Jonny Stofko and Tristan K’nell. It was a great experience. The guys had me on beforehand and invited me back to have a 60 minute talk on various topics.

You can click here to listen in to this episode where I also revealed some plans for the future that I have never mentioned like this in public before.

We spoke about the 10 year anniversary for Strength Camp and how it went from the grass roots to Strength Camps all over the world.

I answered a question regarding my life’s mindset and pointed out that there is no “making it” in life. We live a dynamic process that is not linear and we have to be present for what is available now.

Later on I elaborated on the qualities of a coach and how coaches truly are Kings: You have to own what you are offering to your client. As coaches we are literally offering our energy to people (to our kingdom) and bless them with it.

The guys also asked me why I wrote “King” and who it is for. To me it represents the essence of everything I am teaching in one place so that all of my fans can have a physical resemblance.

I also touched upon the experience with the Iceman Wim Hof. It was a beautiful experience to be in a student’s place and not to talk. Being in a very receptive state because of my immersive experience with the 21 day Osho Active Meditation in Berlin I was happy to be the giving con-text and not con-tent in the situation.

Also the Ice Baths with Wim were amazing. I barely had any experience with this sort of cold training before but I did quite well which is also due to my breathing being so open. I further elaborated on the benefits of using breathing techniques:

When our breathing is stifled because of emotional tension our jaw, eyes and shoulders get tense. This prevents you from accessing your internal biological intelligence and you basically castrate yourself from your feelings. As we open up our capacity to breathe there is a flow of emotion that comes to the surface and many times the person experiencing this does not know how to deal with it.

A coach like me then helps you to express these suppressed emotions. This is like pushing a button and suddenly all the yelling, crying, laughing comes. It is not a “doing” because it simply flows out.

Continuing on the topic I explained how Bioenergetics are designed to get your muscular system relaxed. Barbell training tends to tense up the body and that’s why massage and relaxation is so important. There has to be a balance between the yin and yang aspects of our training.

That’s the reason why I am doing both strength training and also yoga. It’s a matter of finding the sweet spot between. On the extreme ends of the imbalance you find the hyper flexible super skinny yoga guy and on the other end of the spectrum the complete meathead who can’t even tilt his head without rotating his body.

I then revealed my plans about a building project I am working on. To know what it is exactly go check out the podcast on the website here.

Especially the last questions were some real gold nuggets: I answered what my three closest friends would say about me and what advice I would give somebody going through adversity.

Thanks again to the guys at the Visionboard Podcast.