Thicker Neck GUARANTEED (and other weird promises)

Before actually opening Strength Camp in 2007
I spent a few months training my clients in a
local park.

Since equipment was sparse I resorted to having
my clients drag homemade tire sleds and carrying
100 pound bags filled with sand.

At the time this type of training was not very popular
and seen as very unorthodox.

So when potential clients called me with interest in
joining my classes they would ask…

“What kind of results could I expect from training
this way?”

The fact is that I couldn’t promise them the typical
6-pack-abs and slimmer legs guarantees they’ve
come to expect from typical fitness gyms and

So I just told them the truth…

“You’re neck will probably get bigger and your
hands will get stronger.”

That was the fact.

And since I had no gym and no equipment I had to
be honest with people about what we do and how
their bodies might change… for better or for worse.

In fact, I chose to FEATURE the seeming weakness
in my business service by telling people…

“This is the way REAL men train!”

Today this kind of training is popular, but five years
ago I was one of the only people doing this.

So I even won a spot on the local news

Since then I’ve moved my business to two different

The one we’re currently in is much bigger than my first
little warehouse, but we still KICK ASS in the same way.

You can even follow all of the workouts and do them
on your own as a member of our online Strength Camp
Workouts website.

You can learn more about joining us at the site below.

Anyway, life is amazingly serendipitous when you step
out in the directions of your dreams.

Keep dreaming BIG, taking action… and always

Grow Stronger,
Elliott Hulse

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  1. Yo Elliott
    You are a truly inspiring individual! I’m typing with one hand as I’m two weeks out from rotator cuff surgery.
    Man I can’t wait to get back to training! All I do now is walk.
    Keep up the good work!

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