My Top 10 Best Training Songs

This morning I sat down to create a video on Marketing Tips for Strength Coaches and Trainers…

as I was completing my 4 min talk, the freakin battery died on my Flip Cam.

So, instead of getting pissed – I just hopped on You Tube and grabbed clips of my favorite records to train to.

Check out my favorites below (in no particular order), then tell me what you like to listen to when bustin’ up the weights in your gym.  I’ll be sure to respond to your posts (as I just figured out how) and comment of the cray stuff that you listen to!

WARNING - If you are offended by harsh language, don’t watch these videos. If you like to get a little crazy when you train HARD… rock on!

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A Milli – by Lil Wayne

Lose Yourself – by Eminem

Down With The Sickness – by Disturbed

Get Buck – by Young Buck

Break Stuff – by Limp Bizkit

Party Up – by DMX

Ante Up – by MOP

Bombtrack – by Rage Against The Machine

Ridin’ Dirty – by Chamillionaire

Hustling – by Rick Ross

This list is by no means conclusive… in fact, I may change my mind tomorrow.  But, these are great training songs no the less!

What do you train to? – Comments Below