My Top 10 Best Training Songs

This morning I sat down to create a video on Marketing Tips for Strength Coaches and Trainers…

as I was completing my 4 min talk, the freakin battery died on my Flip Cam.

So, instead of getting pissed – I just hopped on You Tube and grabbed clips of my favorite records to train to.

Check out my favorites below (in no particular order), then tell me what you like to listen to when bustin’ up the weights in your gym.  I’ll be sure to respond to your posts (as I just figured out how) and comment of the cray stuff that you listen to!

WARNING – If you are offended by harsh language, don’t watch these videos. If you like to get a little crazy when you train HARD… rock on!

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A Milli – by Lil Wayne

Lose Yourself – by Eminem

Down With The Sickness – by Disturbed

Get Buck – by Young Buck

Break Stuff – by Limp Bizkit

Party Up – by DMX

Ante Up – by MOP

Bombtrack – by Rage Against The Machine

Ridin’ Dirty – by Chamillionaire

Hustling – by Rick Ross

This list is by no means conclusive… in fact, I may change my mind tomorrow.  But, these are great training songs no the less!

What do you train to? – Comments Below

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  1. elliott this list is awesome! great idea brudda!!

    i love:

    where da hood at- dmx
    adagio for strings- tiesto..- you gotta check that out

    mosh- eminem

    DOA- foo fighters

    dakota- stereophonics

  2. I like your weight training ideas. One good thing about exercising and body building each generation can relate to the next generation. As far as your selection of music for me it sucks. If you play that kind of music in your gym, I would not come even though I like your body building methods. This music to me is a downer. I need something that lifts me up. I can get down without having help form down music or down instructors. However, if this kind of music lifts you up and puts your mind where it needs to be for best results in your workouts, more power to you. It is just not for me.

  3. These songs have always gotten me cranked up to kick ass.

    ThunderStruck — ACDC
    Enter Sandman — Metallica

  4. Paulmort, I’m feelin’ you on the Tiesto ;)

    OK, I’m probably gonna date myself with these, but what the hell, music and training are my passions! So to all the young bucks out there…I used to DJ and my tastes are EXTREMELY eclectic. So sit back, relax, and learn somethin’! Good music is good music, regardless of genre.

    Here’s a good list of jams that are constantly in my rotation, on the iPod, during workouts.

    Sorry Elliott, my list is longer than you requested and I could still go 100 songs deep because of all the genres available :)~

    Not in any particular order, sorted by genre…

    Rock n Roll / Metal:

    1. Kashmir – Led Zeppelin (sorry, had to start with the greatest rock n roll band of all-time!)
    2. Eye of the Tiger – Survivor (yes, I know it’s cheesy, but it works)
    3. Highway to Hell – AC/DC
    4. Thunderstruck – AC/DC
    5. T.N.T. – AC/DC
    6. Killing in the Name Of – Rage Against the Machine
    7. Bulls On Parade – Rage Against the Machine
    8. Enter Sandman – Metallica
    9. Man In The Box – Alice in Chains
    10. Only – Nine Inch Nails
    11. The Beautiful People – Marilyn Manson
    12. Voodoo Child – Jimi Hendrix
    13. More Than a Feeling – Boston

    House / Progressive House / Trance:
    (awesome for intervals, GPP, HOC, or complexes)

    14. Muzak – Trisco
    15. Twin Town (Nick Warren Mix) – Ian Wilie vs. Timo Maas
    16. Overdrive – DJ Sandy vs. House Trap
    17. U Don’t Know Me – Armand Van Helden (featuring Duane Harden)
    18. Fire (Extended Mix) – Ferry Corsten
    19. Beautiful Day (Paul Oakenfold 2004 Mix) – U2
    20. Greece 2000 (Original Mix) – Three Drives on a Vinyl
    21. El Nino (Matt Darey 12″ Mix) – Agnelli & Nelson
    22. Everyday – Agnelli & Nelson
    23. Vegas – Agnelli & Nelson
    24. Perspectives (D: Fuse & Shane Howard’s Expansion Mix) – Hamel
    25. Life in Minds (Evolution Mix) – Life in Mind
    26. World, Hold On – Bob Sinclar featuring Steve Edwards
    27. Keep Control – SONO
    28. Luvstruck (Timo Maas German Mix) – Southside Spinners
    29. Free At Last (Vocal Mix) – Simon
    30. West on 27th (A Tribe Called KHz Mix) – Killahurtz
    31. Mama Konda (Timo Maas Mix) – Orinoko
    32. Ruhe (Humate Mix) – Schiller
    33. Horny Horns (Club Mix) – Perfect Phase

    Christian / Inspirational:

    34. I Can Only Imagine – MercyMe
    35. Praise You In This Storm – Casting Crowns

    Hip-Hop / Rap: (sorry Elliott, today’s new school rappers can’t hold a candle to the old school pioneers)

    36. You’re Gonna Get Yours – Public Enemy
    37. Don’t Believe The Hype – Public Enemy
    38. Brothers Gonna Work It Out – Public Enemy
    39. Welcome To The Terrordome – Public Enemy
    40. Hazy Shade of Criminal – Public Enemy
    41. If It Ain’t Ruff – N.W.A.
    42. The Ni**a You Love To Hate – Ice Cube
    43. Rollin’ Wit The Lench Mob – Ice Cube
    44. My Summer Vacation – Ice Cube
    45. You Played Yourself – Ice-T

    R&B / Funk / Soul:

    46. Atomic Dog – George Clinton
    47. Once Nation Under a Groove – Funkadelic
    48. More Bounce To The Ounce – Zapp
    49. September – Earth, Wind, & Fire
    50. Keep On (12″ Version) – D Train

    Wow! There’s an easy 50…thanks for reading the list.

  5. Post

    Haha! These are some great comments! Looks like you guys know more about music than me for sure.

    @ PaulMort – DMX, Foo Fighters, Eminem fa sho! i gotta check out that “adagio for strings” – it must be a killer!

    @ James – Haha, I hear you! Those songs are pretty angry. I listen to them when I gotta get angry too. At home its strictly “Happy Songs” and Cartoons. Jot down your list of training songs, I’d love to hear what I’m missing out on!

    @ Matt – YOU ARE SERIOUS!!! what a kick ass list, though you do date yourself, I’m 29 and I still listen to young punk music when training. I did grow up listenin to the suff on your list though.
    I shold have added those Rage Against songs ya got on there too.


  6. Post

    OH YEA! and I fogot to mention that Iv’e got a rule at Strength Camp…

    Who ever brings their iPod or CDs gets to plug it in. So, we only train to what YOU want to hear.

    BUT, if you bring nothing… then its 50 Cent & Disturbed!

  7. E
    Outstanding! You need to have your own expression sessionss ( hey I still get to bring my tunes…) Matt’s are excellent, can he and You burn the discs for those of us who want to take the sessions on the rode… Dazxed and amazed to be back!


  8. Some great hip hop E, especially Milli (got that on my ipod). But you need some work with Rock.

    How bout

    Shine down: I dare you
    Disturbed: Indestructible
    Avenged Sevenfold: After Life
    Linkin Park: Bleed it Out

    And hip hop song that rocks

    Eminem: Till I Collapse

  9. Post

    @ Chris Grayson – you’re right dude, I love Rock but I just don’t know too much about it. I grew up listening to rap and hip hop in my neighborhood. So, it’s what I know… but I love Linkin Park, Avenged and Disturbed!

  10. The fact that pantera was not mentioned over the 12 comments so far is kinda sad :)

    anything on the “vulger display of power” album, especially “walk” and “fucking hostile”
    “cowboys from hell”

    “Tears dont fall”, “hit the floor”, “no easy way out””- bullet for my valentine

    anything older by atreyu

    “brothers of metal”, “warriors of the world”- Man-o-war

    “The guillotine” escape the fate.

    Ill stop here! So many good training songs that get you focused

  11. gotta listen to crowbar when u train! best tracks include “slave no more” and “like broken glass” sounds heavier than the bar on your back!

  12. Most of these are pretty good, thanks for the “ideas” to expand my playlists…..One band that I have yet to see is FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH–a track called WHITE KNUCKLES or HATE ME or THE BLEEDING make me wanna throw the weights thru the damn wall!!! JK

  13. Y’all forgot about punk !!! when you wanna train fast and with lot of reps its great !!! stuff like anti-flag and rise against will sure make you wanna give it ’til death !


  15. no training list should be without

    KMFDM – ultra
    Rob zombie – scum of the earth
    Linkin park – given up

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