Truth About 5 x 5 Workouts

Yesterday I invited you to ask me your deepest, darkest
questions about strength building over on my new website,
The Grow Stronger Method.

First, it seems that my years of answering “off the wall”
questions for people over on my YouTube Channel has
given you permission to ask me some really weird

Things like what to do about premature ejaculation and
teenage balding.

Shoooot, you know that if there is a question about health,
fitness or strength… “Elliott has your answer!”

And this is good.

I’m your best internet buddy, here to hook you up with all
my strength knowledge.

But honestly…. I’m trying to get your mind focused around
the idea of Neuro-Muscular Strength (liftin’ heavy shit).

So the type of question that I’m really psyched to answer for
you is like this one from our buddy Ali.

Although I gave Ali an answer over at
http://growstrongermethod.com/ , I wanted to elaborate a
bit here for you.

Ali, the very first program that I ever followed was a 5×5
template created by my uncle for me to use to get bigger
and stronger for football.

And it worked!

For the beginner the 5×5 model is great because the volume
is high enough to train the nervous system to recognize the
new exercise patterns.

This nervous system efficiency is responsible for the early
increases in strength.

Its like when you first learn to drive.

At first you go slow cuz you don’t know what the heck you’re
doing… and then as you get more efficient at driving you start
driving faster, even breaking the speed limit!

Your muscles react the same way with new exercises.

So, this is good — for the beginner.

But as you get better at lifting you’ll need to challenge the
nervous system with greater intensities.

And a 5×5 program by itself simply CAN NOT sustain the
type of intensity that you’ll need to maximize your strength.

When it comes to building muscle mass… my answer is the same.

It’s great… for the beginner. Someone new to lifting.

Tomorrow I will come back with exactly WHY 5×5 is not the
best for hypertrophy and what your best bet would be for adding

Make no mistake… I REALLY DO LIKE 5×5.

But you have to know where it fits into your program and
use it like every other system out there, including mine….

As a tool in your training tool kit.

That’s all this is folks…. just new tools for you to try and use
at the appropriate time.

But like they say, “if all you have is a hammer, then everything
looks like a nail.”

I want you to have a fully stocked tool kit and be empowered
enough to use them properly.

Talk to ya tomorrow.

Grow Stronger,
Elliott “The Incredible” Hulse

PS – I’ll be answering questions for the next few days
over at http://growstrongermethod.com/.

If I haven’t gotten to your question yet, just hold tight… there
are over 100 waiting in moderation! :)




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  1. Hey Elliot,
    I am entering my junior season as a high school student athlete. After coming off a successful track and field season, I suffered a tibial stress fracture while triple jumping during the week of the state championships. Initially, I though the pain was just shin splints or some inflammation so I continued to play basketball on it throughout the summer and now I have been stuck on crutches for 6 weeks. I should be fully healed and ready to go in another week or so, but I feel as though I have lost much of my explosiveness and strength during my time of rest. I have also gotten a little pudgy, so I wanting to how how should approach my training to regain my strength and explosiveness in order to return to my peak from last year. Key things to know are I am 6’1″ 178 lbs… I consider my self fairly strong as I have a lean but powerful body type… at my peak i was squatting 340 bench at 215 and hang cleaning 260. Hit me up, can’t wait to hear from you.

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