Truth about people who inspire you

Yesterday was a great day at Strength Camp.

Not because I hit a PR on my dead lift or had
one of our football players jump 59 inches.

It was a great day because I received 3 different
e mails from readers / viewers who told me how
much I’ve inspired them.

These were young men who have all gone on to
do great things, and they felt that my words may
have had a part in their success.

This is always a great thing to hear, and it feels
good to know that I inspire people.

But the truth is that INSPIRATION means
exactly what it says.

To “in spire” literally translates as “to breathe
life into”.

The fact is, that once the breath of life is blown
into a person, it is still that persons responsibility
to take action.

Inspiration is not enough.

You must turn the new life-giving breath into

And this is exactly what the 3 young men who
e mailed me yesterday did.

The other truth about inspiration is that you will
be most inspired by people who you can see
yourself in.

If I inspire you, it means that I am acting as a
mirror to show YOU how powerful YOU are.

They say “It takes one to know one.”

And this is true.

If you are moved by what you see me doing or
what I say, it means that you instinctively know
that you can do it too.

And this energizes your efforts.

Grow Stronger,
Elliott Hulse

PS – I gave a 75 minute talk at this conference which
“breathed into” the lives of many men :)

Here is the link:

Elliott’s Live Events:

Yo Elliott Live – December 8th 2012 (only 3 seats left)

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