Try this exercise for social anxiety

Imagine you meet somebody for the first time.

Unless you are a master of cool charismatic conversation, you will sooner or later arrive at the point, where the famous uncomfortable silence raises its ugly head.

This is the moment when everybody starts one of many things:

  • Take out their phones to answer some important imaginary instant messages
  • Begin looking around the room, desperately looking for the next distraction
  • Try to start another forced topic conversation (like about the weather; worst possible option)
  • Start a spiritual stare down contest (the one that flinches is of course spiritually inferior)

Also, if you pay attention to what happens within your body-mind during these times, you probably hold your breath or breathe very shallow, start creating tension in some part of your body and get all monkey-minded about what to do next.

Well, I got news for you.

All of that needn’t be, son (or daughter).

This social awkwardness (or just plain unnecessary self-torture) can be resolved very easily.

Take for example the LION’S BREATH exercise that we do at our Grounding Camps: If you look another human being straight into the eyes for 70 INTENSE minutes (!), breathe with them and roar with them – trust me – your social awkwardness will be gone for good.

This also goes for stuttering, flinching, shaky-leggedness, mumbly-mumbly and in-sec-u-ra-tey.

Unleash your inner fire, passion and STRENGTH by grounding yourself into REAL self-confidence.

Good thing that the next Grounding Camp is already up in January, going down in Austin TX.

There we will also be doing the Lion’s Breath exercise. It is one of the best exercises to crush social anxiety and to jump into your true self.

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