Unpredictable Workouts (try this)

Human beings love predictability.

Predictability allowed our ancestors to successfully
navigate and manipulate their environment for survival.

They could PREDICT that when a seed was planted, and
given a certain amount of time and care, it would become
a fully grown crop that they could harvest and eat.

The problem arises when we become too attached to our
“well calculated” predictions… and are suddenly thrown
a curve ball.

Also, personal routines and the expectations that you have
for others become psychological bondage.

YOU get stuck in a rut that makes life a boring lock-step
rather than a euphoric dance….

…and you enslave the other person with your expectations
which reduces them to objects rather than the dynamic
subjects that they are.

My FIRST invitation for you today is this…

Do something, anything, totally different!

If you normally train the bench press today with three sets
of ten… try using ten sets of three.

You’ll be amazed at how much pleasure this will bring your
mind, and the fresh responses produced by your nervous
system, muscles and hormones.

If you normally buy your girlfriend flowers on Valentine’s
day… buy her a book.

She might not love it as much as flowers, but at least she can
brag to her friends about how “fun and unpredictable” you are ;)

My SECOND invitation for you is…

Don’t expect ANYTHING from ANYONE!

Approach people as they are. If you think they should behave
in a certain way… that is YOUR problem.

YOU are the one who has chosen to attach to a version of that
person that makes you comfortable.

People are not only allowed to “change”… they MUST change
in many ways on their journey of Growing Stronger.

And it is not up to you to decide if their change is for the better
or the worse, it is NOT your journey. You are just there to
support them in any way that they INVITE you to.

And if you are a real friend, you’ll give them the freedom and
space to become a Stronger Version of Themselves.


I invite you to NEVER hold any expectations for me.

If you like some part of what I do or say, great! But don’t hold
me up to that standard forever, because I might disappoint you.

For example, yesterday I decided to exercise my unpredictability
by making this comical video at my gym.

The majority of people who watched this video had a good laugh!

And that is why I made it.

But there were a handful of people who were surprised at how
undignified I was behaving. (obviously these people have not been
following me too long ;)

The one thing that you CAN expect from Elliott Hulse, is that he
is going to hit you with some unpredictable shit every so often.

In fact, that is what everyone who is attending YO Elliott Live this
weekend can look forward to.

I am not scripting anything, I have not prepared a talk, and I have
NO IDEA what kind of topics will be discussed…

…but what I DO know is that it will be a fun, unique and totally
unpredictable experience for us all.

Hope to see you there.

http://yoelliott-sandiego-2013.eventbrite.com/ <– only 5 left

Grow Stronger,
Elliott Hulse

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