Usain Bolt Smokes Weed and Chases Cats

Yesterday a friend of mine posted the following picture on
his Facebook wall.

It pairs Usain Bolt, the Olympic gold metal winning
sprinter, against a cat, a squirrel, a lion and various
other animals.

At first I found this interesting.

Wow, Usain Bolt is only slightly faster than an elephant
and just a bit slower than a cat!

But I quickly realized just how stupid the comparison

Of course the person who created this image was only
trying to show how fast Usain was in relation to other
fast creatures.

He was trying to put the world champion’s speed into

But is this really a useful perspective?

Usain is a human being.

He eats cooked animals, shits in a toilet, speaks on a
cell phone, falls in love, and dances to music that only
plays in his head.

He may have had his heart broken before; he may have
gotten poor grades in school; he cries if his feelings are
hurt; some people hate him because of the color of his

…and being Jamaican as well as an Olympic athlete means
that he probably smokes weed.

Of course we’re only talking about how fast he runs, but
do you think that some of the things I listed above (plus
10,000 other things) don’t contribute to his performance?

How about we put THIS into perspective when comparing
him to a cat or car?

My point is this…

Comparison is stupid.

To compare yourself to a professional bodybuilder, pro
football player, Hollywood celebrity or a saint is just as
stupid as comparing Usain to a snail.

No matter what you do or do not accomplish in the eyes of
the world… you are unique and special.

There will NEVER, ever be another person to walk the face
of this planet that is the exact combination of nature and
experience as you.

You are 100% successful at being you, no matter what.

What I am speaking is truth.

The problem is that we have been conditioned only to accept
our limitations and to measure ourselves against others…

We are told that we’re born bad and evil.

Our grades are measured against our peers in school.

We are reminded of how beautiful the people on TV are, and
that we are not.

We are told that we don’t have enough, are not good enough,
and that we should strive to be like someone else.

Someone “successful.”

Imagine if you asked the elephant what he thought about
Usain being faster than him.

After laughing at you, he would explain…

Look dude, I weigh over 1,000 pounds.

I eat 600 pounds of plants per day.

And my nose… just look at it!

Why would you compare me to a man?

Sounds stupid, right.

Then why would you compare yourself to any other man
on Earth?

Yes, you both stand erect like all humans do… but besides
our basic biological construct, we are all VERY different.

Everything from what your mother ate while she was
pregnant with you, to the music you choose to listen to lays
a brick on the foundation of what makes you…. YOU!

Accept, embrace and honor yourself as the magnificent,
amazing and unique hero that you are.

Leave comparisons alone.

Grow Stronger,
Elliott Hulse

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  1. I love the points in this article. I’m Jamaican myself and everyone thinks i’m supposed to be extremely fast or smoke weed all the time

  2. Post
  3. Too true! We all should be happy with who we are but always strive to be “the strongest version of you!” Thank you Elliot, keep up the good work.

  4. Play your role… and only your role. Just make sure to play it with all you got. Sound about right Elliot?

  5. Aww man, i needed this, i was really down in the dumps about how i can’t be like this person or look like that person. Thanks man, this helped a lot.

  6. the elephant also does not train everyday to improve its speed. Im sure if it wanted to it could be faster lol

  7. Really liked the post today. Inspirational. Glad that you were just joking about Jamaican Athletes smoking weed. Otherwise, it would of been a really rude comment.

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