Vegetarian Muscle Men Who Eat RAW LIVER

As I promised… today we will begin dissecting each of
the 5 Simple Steps To Looking Younger article by
Steve Holman.

And comparing his suggestions to the health practices of
the mysterious super strong people of Northern Pakistan,
called “The Hunza”.

The first step addressed is that of diet….

Of course there are so many conflicting ideas with regards
to what type of diet one should eat for health, strength and

But in Holman’s article he asserts that we should not only
avoid eating a low-fat diet, but that we should consciously
choose foods that are high in cholesterol.

Especially with the mainstream media’s new, *cough*
bullshit claim that eating egg yolks is worse than smoking

…his suggestion can be seen as quite controversial.

Dr. Weston A Price, author of Nutrition And Physical Degen-
eration, traveled the world studying the diets of the so-called
primitive peoples back in the 1930’s.

Among a few subtler traits, the one thing that he noticed was
that every single HEALTHY population included fat soluble,
Vitamins A and D containing foods in their diets.

These vitamins, in their purest form, are found ONLY in
animal meats or products.

Because of the health benefits, mainly to the growth of
children and the function of anabolic hormones, most tribes
sought out foods that had the highest amount of these

These foods included….

Organ meats, mainly liver…

Fatty meats…

Fish and fish oils…

And full fat dairy, milk and creams.

Today, the evidence is clear in support of these foods.

Ignore the corporate-controlled mainstream media’s horrific
diet advice (which clearly does not work)….

…and do what our ancestors did.


I personally give my children a dose of high vitamin butter
oil and cod liver oil, loaded in fat soluble vitamins, everyday.

We also drink raw whole milk and add coconut oil to practically
everything we cook.

And as far as 77 year old, boulder moving, sex-machine Hunza
men are concerned… fatty meats and full fat dairy is the way
to go.

Although Dr. Price did not study The Hunza, there is documented
accounts of how much these people valued meats, dairy and oils.

Way up in the Hunza Vally meat was scarce since there were no
pastures or oceans.

So their diets consisted of tons of ground foods and veggies.

But they went though great lengths to get their hands on the
highly nutritionally dense foods that created good health.

Theses foods were high in saturated fats.

These foods were considered sacred.

These are the same foods that YOU should eat.

I believe that Steve Holman’s first of his 5 Steps To Looking

Tomorrow we will discuss Step #2.

Cardiovascular exercise.

I think hes aiming in the right direction with his suggestion,
but there is one thing I think he is dead wrong about.

Grow Stronger,
Elliott Hulse

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  1. As regards cod liver oil, here in Norway, and the rest of Scandinavia, taking cod liver oil has been deemed essential for generations, particuarily in months containing the letter “R”. Now, it might sound a bit silly, but these are our fall, winter and early spring months, when we don’t get much sun at all (some parts don’t see the sun for months). A very popular snadwich spread here is also mackrel, either smoked or in a tomato sauce. Perhaps one of the fattest and healthiest fish to eat. Just sayin’.

    Keep them articles coming, man!

  2. Finally, someone suggesting full fat raw dairy and whole eggs.. i taught i was crazy :)
    Also nice to see someone suggesting liver, any animal will chose organs over meat for their first bite, i wonder why..
    Nice article, can’t wait for the follow up ;)

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