99% chance YOU have this weird weakness

In all situations, your body will follow your head.

First, and most obviously… if you are thinking in a
particular way, your body responds accordingly.

Ever have dream that someone is chasing you and
you can’t run? (or something of the sort)

Did you notice that when you awake from that dream
your heart is racing, you’re breathing deeply and sweating
as if it were real?

That is evidence enough that your bodily physiology is
following the dictates of the mind.

But your body also follows your head in a mechanical

Everything below your neck will subtly follow the
direction that your head moves.

When I played baseball as a kid, and football in college,
my coaches would always say…

“Keep your head on a pivot, and LOOK where you are
going before your run!”

My coaches wanted us to TURN THE HEAD first!

This is because they noticed that if the head moves in a
particular direction, the hips will easily and naturally
follow — without any focus or strain.

This mechanical coupling is due to a special wiring of the
nervous system between the very first vertebra of the spine
located at the base of the skull, and the very last vertebra
located right above the hips.

Scientists call this the “Lovett-Brother” mechanism. (in
case you wanna look it up)

In any case…

I wanted to address the CRITICAL IMPORTANCE of
balancing the neck musculature in growing stronger.


If the muscles of your neck are imbalanced, as they are
for almost 100% of the people I have assessed in my
career… then all of the muscles below will never work
to peak performance.

Your head will be in a faulty position, thus feeding the
body faulty messages… which lead to faulty recruitment

Basically, you will never become your Strongest Self until
you understand and address the balance of your neck muscles.

If you don’t mind looking like a giant muscular gorilla,
with a big humped back and head sticking forward, then
just ignore my heed.

But if you’re like me…

…then you are not only committed to a stronger body, but
a body that has attained “structural integrity”.

Here are a few resources for you to look deeper into the
subject of structural integrity as it relates to balancing the
neck muscles.

#1. Advanced Neuromuscular Strength – in this course I
teach you how to assess and correct every single muscle
and joint in the body, including muscle viruses of the neck.

#2. Stronger Neck YouTube Video – in this video I show
you how to stretch and strengthen the muscle of the neck.

[leadplayer_vid id=”50F43B3FA9683″]

#3. Truth About Neck Strength – in this OLD video I teach
a group of students about the functional anatomy of the neck

[leadplayer_vid id=”50F43BA941880″]

I realize that these are not “sexy” ideas about 6 pack abs and
biceps peaks, they are far more mature and in line with growing
stronger on many levels (not just looking good).

If you are intrigued by topics of this sort, then I invite you to
join me and the other STRENGTHOLOGY students in our
private Facebook group where we discuss stuff like this.

The only way to join is to complete this course first.

Grow Stronger,
Elliott Hulse

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