what’s going on?

This might sound familiar to you…

It feels like there are 101 things going on in my life, business,
family right now… add to that what seems like the entire world
reeling with war, conflict, breakdown, dissolution and

Yup, we are all feeling the effects of global change.

Are we waking up? Or are we breaking down?

What’s actually going on?

I won’t be so arrogant to say I have the answer… but some shit
is pretty obvious.

Like, for example… humanity IS coming together.

Regardless of the conflict, wars and rumors of war… we are
in closer contact with one another.

We know more about the people across the globe than ever

We know more about the different ideas, cultures and religions
than ever before.

We have instant access to information about what is happening
to our brothers and sisters in Africa, Asia, Europe, The Americas,
The Middle East, etc.

Are governments at war?


Is tyranny and oppression still alive?


Does a power hungry, heartless and greedy elite class still rule
from the ivory tower?

Yes (although their lies and deigns are being exposed).

Screenshot 2016-08-24 08.47.59

We ARE living in the “End Times”.

We are also living in the “Beginning Times”.

This is what it feels like to be the in-between generation.
We are living in between the death of one era, and and
the birth of a new era.

In our lifetime we are watching as humanity dies to its
old ideals, dogmas, superstitions, fears, systems, and institutions.

There is no doubt that the old way of doing things does not
work. And there is no doubt that people are waking up to this

Is there a New Way?

Is there something you and I can do to welcome The New?

What is required of us in The New World?

One thing is for sure… as we continue to wake up to the
truth about who we are; and learn to see one another as
“fruits of one tree; the waves of one ocean” there is no
doubt in my mind that humanity will unite and behave as
a single organism.

I am not suggesting that we are all the same; I am suggesting
that we are all equally responsible for being “The Strongest
Version of Ourselves… and Empowering One Another”

This statement is not only our motto at Strength Camp, it is
also my personal mission in life, and our commitment to
God, The Universe, humankind and all of the kingdoms
(mineral, plant, animal, spirit) which support life on planet

So, what are you doing with your time, energy and resources
during this critical time in the history of humankind?

Are you sitting idly by, being entertained by Hollywood and
filling your brain with batshit and bubblegum…

Or are you taking up your sword of detachment, and shield
of firm boundaries and discipline?

Are you sinking into the heaviness of dark emotions, fears,
anxiety, separation and sickness…

Or are you adding fuel to the flames of Love, Wisdom and
Power within, so that you may shine resplendent without.

As each of our inner lights shine, the outer world begins
to grow brighter.

You’re either sinking, or rising…. there is no in between.

Bless Up,

PS – This message started out as a way to get you excited
about our Strength Camp Online Coaching program coming
out next week… but as you can see, we’re up to even bigger
things around here.

More info soon :)