The White Knights & Dark Wizards of Fitness

Later this month I’ll be giving my most important speech of recent times at The Fitness Business Summit.

The website in the link above shows the title of the speech I was going to give at first, but it’s no longer correct.

I’ve changed my mind.

Instead I am giving a talk that captures the essence of everything I’ve learned about leadership in my 12 years as a fitness business owner.

I’ve retraced my career and labeled each of four very definable phases of my personal and business growth using mythological colors.

Each one of these colors represents the natural growth pattern of anyone who has taken the call the to adventure, the road less traveled, the journey of growing stronger.

Everyone experiences these phases, on their way towards maturity, whether they know it or not.

The White Phase – young, innocent, fresh, new and nieve Elliott

The Red Phase – burning, hot, fire, fierce, aggressive and angry Elliott

The Golden Phase – bright, shining, winning, golden- yellow Yo Elliott.

The Black Phase – dark, down, ashes, humble, wisdom, shadow Elliott.

Once a cycle of these phases are complete it begins all over again, only the next cycle is marked by a new sense of wisdom and maturity.

At The Fitness Business summit I’ll take you with me through each of these phases… and teach you the most important lessons I’ve learned along the way.

For the second half of the speech I will share what it takes to ignite the SOUL of a successful organization. This is all about the inner-work for success… what I
like to call The Inner Kingdom.

If you’re a personal trainer, coach or fitness entrepreneur you’ll really love this.

See ya there :)