White People Doing “The Haka”?

Today is a very good day for me.

Today I released a video with scenes from a
very special private event I held.

But TODAY someone on Facebook became very upset
about something that happened in the video. 

He noticed…

That there were 12 (mostly) white boys performing The
Maori “Haka” War Dance, at what our befuddled friend
called “Elliott Hulse’s feel good camp”!

And he didn’t like that.

The little debate-flame he created in my video’s
comment section was over whether or not we should be
using a traditional ceremonial dance at our camp.

His claim against us is that “this is just Elliott Hulse and
a bunch of white-boys
“, and in no way should be
bring shame to its meaning, by performing it at our

Yup, pomppus as fuck! hahaha! 

It got even worse for our uptight troll when he discovered
that The Haka was performed for me, as a gift.

You see, one of our Grounding Campers is from New Zealand
and is intimately involved with the practice of this tradition.  So,
as a way to show appreciation for me, and our friends, and our
staff… he taught the other boys how to do The Haka.. and they
did it… like fucking champs!


It was a proud moment for me. 

Needless to say, when our concerned troll discovered just how
off-base his response was… he deleted the thread lol.

Grounding Camps are about having fun, and expressing
ourselves with grounded power!

That’s the kind of medicine our ol’ Haka Hater friend could use a big dose of.

If you want to see the video that caused all of the ruckus:
CLICK HERE <— the video that triggered “butt hurt”.

Keep Shining Your Light,

PS – I 100% forgive Haka Hater; and  I totally “get” where most people
are coming from when they speak out, or lash out like him.

Everyone has good intentions.  We all have a good reason for
the things we do and say, even trolls.

Getting down to the ROOT of what motivates us to do the things we
do, is the first step to freedom.  It allows us to make a choice about
who we want to be.

When we shine a spotlight into our dark places we discover new things
about ourselves, some of which are pleasing, and others we’re ashamed

But there is nothing to be afraid of.

Bringing your true Self into the light allows you to integrate powers you
never know you had, and drop all the negativity in your life. 

I hope to meet you and discover the radiance of your personal light,
together with my friends and staff at our next Grounding Camp.