Women Who Prefer FAT Men?

Human beings are visual creatures… we usually judge
things by appearance first.

This makes perfect sense to me.

In my experience, things are usually exactly as they

If you look fat and sloppy… chances are that you are
lazy and over-indulgent.

If you look lean, fit and strong… chances are that you
are focused, resourceful and disciplined.

And that is why both men and women are attracted to
each other by appearance FIRST. Everything else just
add to or subtracts from that first impression.

But what makes some attractive women (like the one
below) date a fat, sloppy-looking man?

I’d imaging that this dudes bank account is just as
inflated as his colon… but your guess is probably
as good as mine!

Hey! If you can pull off the “puffy pirate” look like this
guy, more power to you!

But if you’re like the rest of us who take pride in the
simple things in life… like being able to look down and
still see our penis.

Then performing high intensity, fat burning workouts
are a major part of your weekly routine.

I’m pretty sure the old dude above is a really nice guy,
and I’m also sure he takes good care of his lady friend.

But I’m also sure that when YOU take your shirt off…
she’d be break her neck to get a better look at ya ;)

Keep up the good work fellas! And add these “ab finishers”
to end of your workouts.


Grow Stronger (you sexy thang!),
Elliott “The Incredible” Hulse

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