Women Who Prefer FAT Men?

Human beings are visual creatures… we usually judge
things by appearance first.

This makes perfect sense to me.

In my experience, things are usually exactly as they

If you look fat and sloppy… chances are that you are
lazy and over-indulgent.

If you look lean, fit and strong… chances are that you
are focused, resourceful and disciplined.

And that is why both men and women are attracted to
each other by appearance FIRST. Everything else just
add to or subtracts from that first impression.

But what makes some attractive women (like the one
below) date a fat, sloppy-looking man?

I’d imaging that this dudes bank account is just as
inflated as his colon… but your guess is probably
as good as mine!

Hey! If you can pull off the “puffy pirate” look like this
guy, more power to you!

But if you’re like the rest of us who take pride in the
simple things in life… like being able to look down and
still see our penis.

Then performing high intensity, fat burning workouts
are a major part of your weekly routine.

I’m pretty sure the old dude above is a really nice guy,
and I’m also sure he takes good care of his lady friend.

But I’m also sure that when YOU take your shirt off…
she’d be break her neck to get a better look at ya ;)

Keep up the good work fellas! And add these “ab finishers”
to end of your workouts.


Grow Stronger (you sexy thang!),
Elliott “The Incredible” Hulse

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  1. great article Elliot- as a woman , I can tell you why many women are with guys like these ( not all, but many wealthy successful men do not look like the guys on Men’s Fitness – money still makes the world go round) Also, I have heard from some of my female friends who are athletes or models will purposely go after a bigger, out of shape guy because they feel this man will be less likely to be on the prowl and cheat on them- it is sad. Across the board I have dated athletes and fighters with beautiful bodies- some turned out to be @$$ holes, and some were very nice, confident, and extremely modest guys about their appearance. Most women DO want a guy who takes care of himself, is strong and confident but above all is NICE- despite what you may hear about ” the bad boys”. always enjoy reading your articles!

  2. that dude is Flavio Briatore, he has bank account much much larger than his colon. His ego might rival his bank account though, and i think you might be being kind, he aint a particularly nice guy. Of course i have never met him so i am fully qualified to give my opinion ;) But as a massive F1 fan i know all i need to know.

  3. Post

    Joy, you are totally right… I’m just in a goofy mood this morning. I don’t really mean to judge this dude or anyone else unfairly.

  4. That man is extremely rich, extremely powerful, and obviously that qualifies as a reason to be with him, for a shallow female.

  5. I totally understand the article, but you gotta agree athat there are so many lean, fit and strong meathead dumbasses out there too.. and to get where he his i bet that the guy on the picture is more focused, resourceful and disciplined than 99% of the fitter guys..
    Dont get me wrong im into fitness and strength too, but i think that appearance has something, but not everything to do with what you trully are.. there are too many examples to prove that.

  6. heres the dirt!

    Elisabetta Gregoraci (born 8 February 1980) is an Italian fashion model and TV personality.

    She was born in Soverato, province of Catanzaro, Calabria, in southern Italy. Gregoraci started her career on the Italian television show Libero as a dancer, before replacing model Eva Herzigova for the Wonderbra campaign.

    Gregoraci gained notoriety when it came to light that she had offered sexual favours in return for a job as a showgirl for the Italian national public television company RAI. She was fired from RAI and hired by Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, acting as a hostess in the show Buona Domenica.On 14 June 2008, Gregoraci married 58-year-old then Formula One manager Flavio Briatore, in the Santo Spirito in Sassia, Rome. The driver of the bridal car was Fernando Alonso, who after the ceremony drove the newlyweds to the reception at the castle of Torcrescenza. Briatore has daughter Helene Klum Samuel with German supermodel Heidi Klum. Gregoraci gave birth to their son Falco Nathan in Nice, France on 18 March 2010.
    Now i think some pizza is in order!

  7. I live in the UK and in my part of the UK (Northeast England) the created/man made financial recession/Depression is starting to hit HARD due to this sad fact,the most parasitic of the 2 sexes,Females, have almost totally changed their criteria when looking fior a life partner.
    The above mentioned phenomena is admittedly only open to those Females who have the where-with-all and get up and go to actually take charge of their pointless and self aggrandizing lives and actually do the right type exercise and look FIT.
    and CURVY
    The Hard working,superfit,athletic,blue collar types are left fighting over the scraps…in other words the fat,slobby,greasy haired lazy “women”,who usually have about 6 children to 6 different Men.
    Yes,its a shit-show for sure!,us English guys really get a raw deal in this aspect.

  8. Also,to add more factual observation to make my point,English Women seem to be indoctrin ated into,what i call,the “soap opera and bar of chocolate culture”.This meaning that legions and legions of English Female fatties are hard wired subconsciously to sit on their self inflicted wobbly butts and eat chocoalte whilst viewing the latest offerings of our national pastime….EAST ENDERS AND CORONATION STREET!.
    These above mentioned “entertainment” programmes are what gives our totally dumbed down,over fed but undernourished and retarded population their clues as to how to live their own life,what to see as acceptable or not acceptable,in other words these “programmes” are what gives my unfortunate fellow country-men their morals and values.
    It really is quite something to observe,if someone as motivated as Elliot was to introduced to the British Mass Media,they would immediately label him as some kind of nut case,even though he just works hard and gets people results.You see,the vast majority of folks in my neck of the woods are looking to do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING FOR AS LONG AS POSSIBLE,this mentality has been bred into the English plebes for generations,as we get a lot of state benefits for being useless,weak,unhealthy and unable to work,even if its self inflicted….which long term willfull physical neglect is,in my humble opinion.
    The world is not what it once was,i see more and more young Men with the bone structure and mannerisms of a Women,these same types are going into gyms and asking about PILATES…PILATES! FFS….whats going on?
    Strongmen are now looked upon as Freaks to be feared,ridiculed and despised,whilst effeminate ‘boy band’ type “Men” are lauded as Ubermensches.

  9. We can speculate all we like, but I think many will agrea with the idea that the matters of the heart are more mysterious than the deepest depths of the ocean.
    Maybe money, power, or fame have a hand in it, but in my opinion lust and passion has little logic to it. It’s one of the reasons why I believe there is a higher power that is more powerful than what we humans can comprehend.

  10. @Matt,well thats a nice spiritual way of viewing an almost totally spiritually bankrupt,cynical,self centred,disgusting and evil system we are forced to exist in.
    Regarding the “higher power”,i also KNOW that a certain other “high power” ACTUALLY OWNS AND RUNS this World,this power is MONEY.Taking this into account then,its not too hard to understand that,like Eve in the garden of Eden,the inherently spirtully weaker Female WILL opt for the UNNATURAL choice,as long as it offers her material gratification ( a stunning fit Women “loving” a physicallly ugly wreck whilst turning her back on the naturally obvious choice is definately against the natural order of things)
    An disproportionately optimistic attitude is the sign of an inability to look hard facts in the face,despite absolutely overwhelming evidence.
    In closing i would like to point out that i do not hold ALL WOMEN in such contempt as there are many good,logical and uncomplicated Women out there,its just that they are in such short supply as most Women are totally incapable of putting forth any real effort at anything other than shopping and finding “the right guy” ($$$) lol

  11. Joy, you are right. I am on the hefty side but not as big as that dude in the picture. I am 46 and my girl is 25 and is 120 lbs plus a natural blonde too.

    I am nice to her and give awesome massages to her. At times, a woman needs a man to listen to her and to her problems. Women can be so emotional and can fall apart. When my woman does this, I hold her so very tight, massage her, and sweet talk her in her ear and calm her down. At times, this puts her into the mood and I make passionate and affectionate love.

    Women love it when your soft, gentle, and your touch gently caresses her body. I enjoy female companionship (only with my current girlfriend) and I think I found the woman to settle down with and get married.

  12. Ive NEVER EVER known an attractive slim,fit Women BE with an obese Man unless the guy in question is making good money/wealthy etc.END OF STORY.NO EXCEPTIONS.

  13. extremely powerful??…in what way??
    No matter how much influential power a person might think they have,if they screw with he wrong person,all you need is one finger to sort the problem….your trigger finger…BANG!!

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