The ONLY Workout I Give My Son

Yesterday I told you about my experience of speaking
alongside some of the most intelligent personal fitness
coaches at a “Muscle Mastermind” meeting this week-

One thing that you might have noticed in my article was…

….100% of the experts that presented, taught us body-
weight training.

Now before you go and judge the idea of “body weight”
training as some form of workouts for hippies, I have
something to tell you.

The strongest, most well balanced and explosive athletes
I’ve ever trained always had extreme “relative body

This means that they are MUCH stronger than the resistance
offered by their own body weight.

I see a great example of this when I drop my kids off at
gymnastics class twice a week.


Many of the older kids who have been training for a while
perform exercises on the rings, bars, trampolines and the
“pummel horse” that dazzle the eyes!

Just like Bruce Lee whipping his legs around to kick bad
guys in the face, these 16 year old kids are swinging and
throwing their entire bodies around with such ease and
elegance that it’s almost poetic.

And their bodies LOOK lean, dense and strong as ever!

These kids, and Bruce Lee, all had incredible relative body

And this is not by accident!

They train specifically to build leaner, harder and more
neurologically powerful bodies with unique gymnastics
exercises and workouts.

Look, if you trust me and my fitness advice… you realize
that if I personally take my children (all 4) to gymnastics
training… then it must be good.

If you’re like me and you don’t personally want to join a
gymnastics class, but want to gain the benefit of a lean,
strong and functional body…

…then you might be interested in this.

I had a good friend and trainer who love gymnastics
exercises put it together for you. — Enjoy ;)

Grow Stronger,
Elliott Hulse

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