How I eat and workout on vacation

Some people think that I’m a work-aholic.

They see me filming videos, writing e books, publishing
this newsletter, working out in my gym and taking care of my
four children… and believe that I probably NEVER just chill

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

In fact, when it’s time to relax and party… I throw down
with the best of them. People who know me even say that
I get totally out of control.

Take this picture of me attempting a handstand push up
while tipsy on a party boat for example ;)


Like I mentioned earlier this week, I am in the Dominican
Republic attending my friend Dave “The Muscle Cook” Ruel’s
wedding (you can see more pics on my facebook wall)

Well, doing handstand push ups on a catamaran is not the
only thing I did to stay somewhat fit and strong while on

Here are a few things I’ve been doing just to keep my health
and strength in check while I’m enjoying myself in the
Caribbean with my wife and friends.

#1. We wake up and take a walk on an empty stomach every

No matter how much I partied the night before, I always
leave enough gas in my tank for a good 1 hour walk on the
beach. This not only works to keep my bodyfat in check,
it is also very much like meditation for the mind.

#2. I practice intermittent fasting for the first half of many

Since I fully expect to eat a large, calorie dense meal every
evening with friends, I keep my daytime calories to a minimum
or none at all.

I still find that fasting is the easiest and most effective way to
maintain or cut bodyfat.

#3. Maintenance workouts. When I go to the resort gym only
to find a bunch of machines and dumb bells that only go up to
50… I drop all thought of getting leaner or stronger while here.

My FIRST objective in the gym is to maintain functional
strength and mobility. Since I like free weights better than
machines I choose to dumb bell workouts over sitting on a
leg press or chest machine,

When you only have light weights to play with, it makes
sense to increase the neurological challenge of your workouts
by including a bunch of “unilateral load” exercises.

I did single arm thrusters, single leg deadlifts, dumb bell
swings and a few integrated moves using a cable rack that was

Like I said, the main point of this workout is to keep my body
fit and functional so that upon return from vacation I can hop
right back into heavy loads without my nervous system freaking

I recorded the workout and posted it on YouTube in case you
want to see what it looks like.

Walking, fasting and functional workouts has allowed me to
keep my body weight at 197 lbs while having a great time and
letting loose.

Once I get home I’ll be back on track to cutting another 10
pounds or so. The transition will be quick and easy.

Grow Stronger,
Elliott Hulse

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