World’s Strongest Bodybuilders (820lb deadlift)

Yesterday I filmed a bunch of new YouTube videos
that will go out later this week.

In one of them I answer a question about lifting
lighter weights while cutting.

Actually, the viewer wanted to know “Elliott, why
are you still lifting so heavy while you are cutting

I think this whole idea of using “cutting weights”
when cutting weight… is a bunch of baloney.

For some reason bodybuilders, who have spent
several months lifting heavy weights and gaining
mass, think that you have to begin pressing pussy
poundages when it’s time to get lean.

There could be nothing further from the truth… or
more detrimental to your overall transformation.

If you want to be lean AND jacked… then do what
one of the strongest bodybuilders in the world do.

Johnnie Jackson lifts heavy all the time!

In fact Johnnie is known for competing in powerlifting and
bodybuilding AT THE SAME TIME!

So what do you call a man who looks like a body-
builder, but has the strength of a powerlifter.

A power-builder… of course ;)

Since I personally love lifting heavy, and I’m
diligently working on cutting my body fat to
below 9% — I love power-building.

That is why I had this awesome little book put
together featuring 5 kick-ass power-building
routines for you to use.

Like you’ll notice over on the website, I’m giving
it away as a bonus to anyone who invests in my
buddy’s shoulder pain e book.

All the details are here:

Once you get Mike’s shoulder pain e book, just
send me your receipt –

And we’ll send you a copy of “Power Building” as
soon as possible.

Grow Stronger,
Elliott Hulse

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