The WORST Kind Of Weakness (which do you have?)

Early next week I’ll share a new video with you that I’ve created.

It’s called “The Four Layers Of Strength”.

Today I’m going to give you a sneak preview about what these
“four layers” are… cool?

First, if you have been reading my newsletter or watching my
videos for more than six months, you know that I use
STRENGTH as a metaphor for everything in life.

I’m convinced that strength is the same as integrity.

A person who display’s integrity, or strength, has fully analyzed
his gifts, talents as well as his weaknesses.

He knows what he is capable of and makes a concerted
effort to fulfill his role in life.

Basically, he lives every day to become the strongest
version of himself.

Being fully aware of his weaknesses, he also works tirelessly
to overcome them. He knows that these “weaknesses” are
more like challenges.

When these challenges are overcome, he then has the power
to share his experiences with others and help them overcome
their challenges.

This is the purpose of his life… to grow stronger and help
others along the way.

One of the problems facing us that sometimes our weaknesses
are very, very difficult to detect.

Some weaknesses are simply too hidden for us to see. While
others are staring us right in the face, yet we are too blind to
consider them.

Here are a list of four main areas to consider while assessing
yourself and preparing for the battle of a Stronger Life.

1. Character Structure (psychosomatic strength):

The late psychoanalyst, and student of Sigmund Freud, Wilhelm
Reich described the human body as an energetic vessel which
physically takes the form of the character inside.

Basically, your muscles and body begin to take the form of your
most dominant thoughts.

You know this is true when you observe the posture of a depressed
person. They usually have rounded backs, tight upper abs, tight
pecs, weak cervical flexors, and shallow breathing etc.

2. Physiological Strength

Often we’ll eat, train and rest properly yet results seem to come

Other times we feel tired, have cravings, get rashes, contract illness,
have irregular bowels, and bouts of insomnia… and have NO CLUE
how these things came to be.

When considering where a weakness may be lurking we have to
consider our deep physiology. We have to consider our hormonal
balance, digestive health, detox pathways and even the possibility
of fungal or parasitic infection.

3. Physical / Muscle Strength

We LOVE to talk about muscle strength, weakness and imbalance, but
I just want you to consider for a moment that if the two areas discussed
above display weakness, we will be sure to find weakness in the muscle.

If you have a rigid character structure, you’ll be sure to have tight
joints. You’ll probably also become constipated often.

A constipated person with tight joints will NEVER reach his full
physical strength potential.

4. Presentable Strength (how you serve others)

I mentioned earlier that once a man or woman begins their journey of
strength they’ll begin to face challenges that need to be overcome.

Also, once they have the experience of overcoming these challenges
they serve others on the journey by helping them overcome their

This is the essence of Presentable Strength… what kind of “present”
are you offering others in your world?

For you, it may simply be a word of encouragement to a coworker that
is struggling.

For me, I share ideas with the readers of my newsletter and on YouTube.

I also help my clients, mentor young athletes, create books, DVDs and
offer live workshops to share my ideas and experiences with others on
the same journey as me.

Especially with those who feel called to do this work for a living.

And that is why I created The Strengthology Certification.

It is for coaches, trainers and anyone on “the journey” to discover new
and powerful methods for discovering strengths and overcoming

Next month we will be graduating the first class of Certified Strengthology Coaches.

And I hope to see you there!


Grow Stronger,
Elliott Hulse

PS – After next week the cost for this class will be going up… if you
want to save $300 on enrollment, be sure to sign up soon!


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  1. Hey Elliott, just got a quick question for you. Well, I have 2 abs on my right and 3 on my left. what can i do to get three on both sides? Or is it genetic? Any advice would be deeply appreciated. Thanks!

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