WTF is this psychopath talking about?

According to many psychoanalysts, all people show signs
of “psychosis”.

Basically we’re all screwed up in some way or another.

I love studying this stuff because it helps me to
understand and support my clients, friends and family
in becoming the stronger version of themselves.

But I also use it to better understand myself so I can
make objective decisions in my life and business.

Well, I’ve learned that I exhibit many psychopathic

Now, this doesn’t meant that I want to go around killing
people any more than someone that exhibits oral
characteristics wants to suck milk from his mom’s breast!

It just means that I have a wild imagination and often
forget the other people (you) are not living in the world
I’ve built in my brain.

So there are times where I’ll make assumptions about you
and what I think you may or may not know… all based on
my imagination.

One of the things that I totally assumed about you is that
you understand what the Strengthology level 1
certification is all about.

Instead of giving all of the details about the content of
the class over on this website, I just told you about how
awesome it is to grow stronger and help others get stronger

I should have told you that for the two days you’ll be
working with me at Strength Camp next month we will be:

[+] Learning and performing muscular skeletal assessments
on each other. This is how we discover and kill “Muscle

[+] Once everyone has been assessed we will first create
corrective stretching and exercise programs for each other.
This is the basis for our program design.

[+] Then we will work on designing strength, power and
athletic performance training routines that fit the specific
needs and goals of the client (you).

[+] Finally we’ll talk about how to use these new program
design skills to support our clients and build a bigger business.

Later this month I’ll go back and update the website to include
all of these things for you to make a decision about join us in
March… but for now this is what I’ll do.

If you are even slightly interested in becoming a Strengthology
but still have some questions about what exactly it is,
then just reply to this e mail with your questions and I’ll get
back to you personally.

Grow Stronger,
Elliott Hulse

PS – After THIS FRIDAY the cost of Strengthology Level 1 will be
going up… if you want to save $300 on enrollment, be sure to sign
up soon!

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