Yo Elliott Live NYC 2012 (review)

I’m proud to present this recording of the Yo Elliott Live event held in New York City last weekend, Saturday, December 8.

I’ve decided to record and provide videos of the event here for free so that you may perhaps gain some insight from my responses to other people’s questions. Also, I’ve added some bullet points below each video that describes some of what you might learn by watching it. In this way you can skip through the videos in order to find the information most relevant to you.

It has been my great pleasure to serve thousands of people online through the videos I produce and upload to YouTube. But nothing has offered me more satisfaction and brought more joy into my life than meeting you in person and walking with you on our journey of growing stronger.

As you watch these videos, if you find that some of the ideas might be helpful to other people please share this blog posts with them. Also please take the time to “Like” or “Tweet” this post using the buttons above.

Thank you and enjoy videos.

In This Video:

[+] Why Elliott doesn’t believe anything he says.

[+] Guns and sunshine.

[+] How to overcome laziness.

[+] The “Heartbeat” Method for motivation & success.

[+] How to channel your focus when you have lots of interests.

[+] How to build more confidence.

[+] Building a bigger upper body with brand new parameters.

[+] Secret Chinese deep abdominal exercises for flat abs ;)

In This Video:

[+] How to build a Non-Job (the ultimate form of courage & creativity).

[+] Why you should trust your intuition and NOT what other people say.

[+] Why it is your responsibility to acquire and spread knowledge.

[+] Success is an illusion.

[+] Teaching young athletes how to perform complex exercises.

[+] Feeling inferior to others is a form or psychological masochism.

[+] “It’s all about the stories you tell yourself!”

[+] A magical meditation method that changed my life.

In This Video:

[+] Bioenergetics as a form of meditation.

[+] You are not your identity; reinvent yourself at any time!

[+] Heed the warning signs about when it’s time to EVOLVE.

[+] How to manage emotional and mental excitement while growing stronger.

[+] How to identify “The Heartbeat” of your life, business and relationships.

[+] Marketing your fitness / gym business.

[+] How to stand out in a crowed fitness market and earn a great living.

[+] Why being an extrovert is over rated.

In This Video:

[+] Training for multi-sport athletes to maintain explosiveness.

[+] Overtraining is often due to CNS fatigue.

[+] The nervous system, stress and neurotic holding patterns.

[+] Why “the fake smile” is the ugliest human creation.

[+] How does Elliott learn so much stuff so fast?

[+] Creative ideas and experience is more powerful than traditional “education”

[+] Developing ankle strength though stability exercises.

[+] How did Elliott learn to think the way he does?


This weekend was as fun an enlightening for me as it was for the people who attended. As a result I have decided to hold more events like this.

2013 is just a few weeks away and I would like to fill my calender with about 6 more Yo Elliott LIVE shows. There is a good chance that I will hold one in LA this February… so keep an eye out for that.

But I also need your help.

If you live in a major city and have a location where an event of this sort can be held… AND would like to help me by hosting the event, please contact me at elliotthelp@gmail.com to discuss details and coordinate the event.

Thank you,
Elliott Hulse

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