Yo Haters! (you’re doing it wrong)

Whenever you set out on a path of self improvement by
either building more muscle, growing stronger, building
a new business, or even just asking out a girl whom you’ve
admired for a long time…

…you WILL attract haters.

Most of us see these haters as people we must protect our-
selves against.

We might feel like the hate is a personal attack on ourselves
and we try to defend by attacking back.

But this is the WRONG way to deal with hate.


First, you have to realize that the hate is never about you.
Haters hate because they hate themselves first.

They might see something in you that reminds them of how
much they really hate themselves, so they attack you.

Usually, if they see you doing something awesome they are
threatened by your taking action.

This exposes their cowardliness, and they resent you for it.

So don’t take their attacks personally. It’s not about you, its
about them and their failure as a person.

Next, you NEED their hate to grow stronger! So be
grateful for it.

Just like you need heavier weights to grow stronger muscles,
you need more hate to grow a stronger character.

Hate is like the heat that sharpens your sword.

If you were never exposed to their challenges, there would
be no pressure for you to grow through.

Hate is good, if you see it as a challenge rather than an attack.

Finally, one of my favorite marketing experts always says…

“If you haven’t pissed-off at least one person by noon each day,
then you’re not doing anything important.”

Hate is often a measure of your success.

If you’re doing awesome things, growing stronger, and attracting
others… then hate should naturally come your way.

If you are not getting any hate, then you’re probably not doing
big enough things.

Aim higher! Do bigger things, and attract more hate… its a
measure of how great your becoming.

Grow Stronger,
Elliott Hulse

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