your gym f*ckin’ SUCKS!

I moved to Florida from NY about 8 years ago with only
one thing on my mind…

…to become a successful personal trainer and finally open
my own hard core gym.

When I got here I took a job at one of your typical chrome
and carpet, “Globo Gyms”.

This place SUCKED because the air conditioning was set
to 50 degrees and no body ever sweat a single drop during
their workouts.

So I moved to a private gym that was inside a chiropractor’s

The placed SUCKED because you have to whisper and keep
the music low, so as to not disturb the patients.

Finally I moved to a small bodybuilding gym downtown
where I leased space from an old, anxious ex-female body

This placed SUCKED because every time me or one of my
clients dropped a barbell or dumb bell the owner would
shit herself and come whining to me about the damage to
her equipment.

Then I got fed up and invested every last dime I had earned
in the previous 3 years, plus more on credit cards, to open
my own warehouse gym.

In MY gym, Strength Camp, there is:

[+] No Air Conditioning and we sweat our asses off in the heat.

[+] We play heavy metal, rock and rap music as loud as possible.

[+] and, the rule about dropping weights at my gym, is that you
MUST drop the weights, and if you break something we all clap
and congratulate you.

My gym rocks.

What about your gym?

If you’re not satisfied with the BS rules, regulations and sensitive
old members at your gym.

Then join mine:

No matter where you live, you can still enjoy the intensity of my
Strength Camp.

Grow Stronger,
Elliott Hulse