You’re doing it WRONG (deadlift lockout)

One of the most irritating things to see at the local
gym is someone doing an exercise, that I love…

…all WRONG!

It’s not the person doing it that irritates me, its the
fact that I have to hold myself back from going over
to fix him.

Sure, it would be the nice thing to do (being a coach
and all), but then I’d probably end up spending over
and hour with the guy teaching him ALL the little
important parts of the move.

For example… the deadlift.

There are so many little keys to pulling correctly
that most people mess up.

Lets take “The Lockout” portion of the move for our

When you lockout at the top of the deadlift you need
to squeeze your quads and glutes to keep the body
stiff and strong.

Unlike the guy in this picture from page 25 of the
Deadlift Dynamite book:

There are so many things wrong with each of these lockouts
I don’t even know where to begin.

The thing is… I see people making these mistakes ALL THE

Granted it is usually not their fault.

They typically have weak upper backs, core, quads and glutes
which makes it difficult to pull correctly.

Fortunately there are specific exercises that anyone can add
to their current routine that will correct these muscle imbalances.

You can learn them all in the Deadlift Dynamite book.

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Grow Stronger,
Elliott Hulse

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