The Real ZOMBIE CULT of America

It’s a strange state of affairs when mindless media consumption, consumerism, sloth and selfishness become the normal state of things.

In the US… Thanksgiving, Black Friday and holiday anxiety will be arriving in the next few days.

Passive propaganda (media) consumption is the easiest way to brain-wash massive amounts people.

The body is in a low-charge, relaxed and receptive state; and the mind is stimulated with the dazzle and flash of television programming, digital billboards and so-called “bargain season” persuasion.

In this state, people are disconnected / ungrounded from the wisdom of their bodies and are easily manipulated by vain imaginings and idle fancy. 

They’ll think they need a new car / computer / device, etc.  Yet they’re malnourished, over medicated, sick, sad, fat, tired, and without purpose or direction in life.

Dead bodies.

Hyper-active minds.


We’ve become a CULT of zombies.  

And the funniest thing about this massive, all pervading, and ever popular cult is when the zombies look outside of their  vacuum-sealed senile mindset and see happy people expressing their zest for life… they call it a cult!

I’m pretty sure you’ve already seen some of the lively videos featuring scenes from our last Grounding Camp.

We’re dancing, we’re laughing, we’re jumping for joy and enjoying one-another.




and Freedom!


This is what Grounding Camp is all about, and we take it VERY seriously. 

For three days you join a group of like-minded people on the journey of becoming stronger versions of ourselves.

For three days you break free from all of the conditioning, slavery brainwashing, repression and dead-headedness that most modern day zombies pridefully protect and project, like it’s for their own good.

For three days you get to DROP the cult of consumerism and adopt the cult of Oneness, Friendship and Freedom. 

It’s meditation.

It’s mindfulness.

It’s openness.

It’s play.

It’s powerful.

It’s personal.

It’s love.

If dropping the bullsh*t and adopting Our Truth makes us a cult, then I’ll joyfully accept the title of Cult Leader (as so many have been calling me lately).

Zombies drool.

The Grounding Camp Cult rules.


PS – everything you need to know to join our cult can be found at the website below :)

See ya soon!