Options For Working With Elliott

Welcome to the coaching page! I'm Elliott Hulse, and I'm excited to be your guide and coach. At present, all coaching sessions are personally conducted by me. Here, I offer five distinct coaching options designed to cater to your unique needs and preferences. Let's dive into each option:

1. Bioenergetic Video Assessment

What is it?

The Video Assessment is a personalized approach to understanding your body and character. This option involves you sending me a video where you showcase your physical form and express your personality. The video should also include details about your current life challenges.

What do I do?

I will analyze your character structure based on the video. Expect a comprehensive response where I'll share my opinions and advice, particularly addressing your number one life challenge.

What will you receive?

You'll get a private video response from me, containing my analysis and answers to your questions.

Additional options:

After the video assessment, you have the choice to book a follow-up session or on-going coaching for further guidance.

Cost: $997

CLICK HERE To Get Your Video Assessment

2. Bioenergetic Video Assessment Plus Coaching Call

What is it?

This option includes everything in the Video Assessment, with a significant addition.

What's the addition?

Instead of receiving a video response, you'll have a direct, 1-hour coaching call with me. This is your opportunity to ask any questions and get immediate, personalized feedback.

After the video assessment and coaching call, you have the choice to book a follow-up session or on-going coaching for further guidance.

Cost: $1997

CLICK HERE To Get Your Video Assessment + Coaching Call

3. Free YouTube Assessment

What is it?

The YouTube Assessment offers a unique and public way to receive coaching.

How does it work?

You submit an application, and if selected, I will address your situation on YouTube and social media.

Cost: This option is completely free.

Please Note: Selection is not guaranteed. By choosing this option, you agree to have your video, pictures, and situation used publicly by me, Elliott Hulse, on various platforms.

CLICK HERE To Get Your Free YouTube Assessment

1 .One Hour Zoom Consultation - One hour, online coaching session with Elliott.

Step 1 - CLICK HERE to schedule your coaching call.

Step 2 - Pay my $997 hourly fee to confirm our call.

Step 3 - Show up on time, speak with Elliott about whatever is on your mind.

2. 1/2 Day Coaching - Half-day, in-person coaching with Elliott.

Are you interested in visiting me in Florida to work together on resolving your fitness, business, relationship or life challenge?

During this 1/2 day experience you and I will meet at 10am EST at my downtown Orlando office or at my home on the ranch.

Here's how to get started:

Step 1 - CLICK HERE to complete the application and we'll get on a call to see if you and I are a good fit for the coaching program.

Step 2 - If we're a good fit to work together then you will pay your $10,000 to secure your half day in personal coaching session.

Step 3 - My assistant will set up your half day in person coaching session with me here in Central Florida.

We'll work together for half of a day to create a game plan to overcome your challenge, set new goals and dominate your situation.  You'll leave my office fully prepared and capable to execute our plan.

Questions or Concerns?

Feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] for any clarifications or additional information.

Speaking, Podcasts or other inquiries - email me at [email protected]

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